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Insurance Subrogation and Coverage


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You pay thousands of dollars in insurance premiums each year and then are met with disagreements about appropriate compensation, coverage disputes, delays and slow payouts when tragedy strikes and you file an insurance claim.

Insurance disputes come in all stripes, ranging from:

  • Complete denials of coverage;
  • Partial denials of coverage;
  • Conflicting damage assessments;
  • Underpayments; and
  • Allegations of fraud.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers who will hold you to the letter of your policy. Policy provisions typically govern:

  • When and how you must notify your insurer or agent of a loss;
  • Your obligation to protect property from further damage;
  • Necessary documentation to prove your claim;
  • What you must include in a signed, sworn Proof of Loss;
  • The insurer’s right to an Examination Under Oath (i.e., sworn testimony);
  • The time frame to file a lawsuit; and
  • Other factors that affect your rights.

You do not have to face your insurance company alone. We have handled cases involving insurance coverage issues including:

  • Hurricanes, wind, flood, tornados and other natural disasters;
  • Fire and smoke damage;
  • Oil furnace puff back
  • Uninsured, underinsured and PIP automobile claims;
  • Business income loss;
  • Environmental contamination;
  • Construction defects;
  • Bad faith claims; and
  • Many other insurance disputes.

We also represent clients when an insurance company fails to pay a claim asserted against an insured policyholder or fails to provide a required defense to an insured policyholder in a lawsuit. We additionally can assist in determining the appropriate types and levels of coverage you need to insure against the risks you face.

If you have suffered a catastrophic loss ― or believe your insurance company is not giving you the full benefit of the coverage you paid for ― contact our experienced attorneys immediately. We will represent you through every stage of the claims process and ensure you receive all compensation to which you are entitled under your policy.